Voice and Tone

When writing for PRMI, we strive to come across as warm, inviting, friendly and clever.


We want our customers to feel safe and confident. Our content is reassuring and positive.


Our content should encourage customers to reach out whenever they have questions or need assistance.


We want our customers to feel comfortable. We share our knowledge and expertise, but never in a condescending way. Instead, we are friendly and we give honest advice that we truly believe is in our readers’ best interest.


To earn our customers’ trust, we must demonstrate that we understand what we’re writing about. Our content is informative, smart, creative and witty.

Writing About Primary Residential Mortgage, Inc.

Our name must always be written as Primary Residential Mortgage, Inc.—note the comma and period. If you’re going to use our name at least twice in one publication, use the full name at first mention followed by the PRMI initials in parentheses. Then, on every subsequent mention, you may use the initials alone.

  • Use the term organization instead of business, company or corporation.
  • Use the term Loan Originator instead of Loan Officer.
  • Capitalize all department names and position titles in internal communications, including, but not limited to, Underwriter, Loan Originator, Processor, Closer, Funder, Partner, Branch, Branch Partner and Investors.
  • Use the term Team Member instead of coworker.

Usage and Styling


We follow the AP Stylebook for punctuation and styling guidance. We do not use the Oxford comma.

Homebuyer and Homeowner

Style homebuyer as one word rather than two.
Style homeowner as one word rather than two.


Style as one word with no spaces.


Style as one word with a hyphen.

Realtor or Real Estate Agent?

All Realtors are real estate agents, but not all real estate agents are licensed as Realtors. If the person you’re writing about isn’t licensed as a Realtor, use real estate agent instead.

If the person you’re writing about is licensed as a Realtor, capitalize Realtor.


They and them are acceptable gender-neutral terms that can be used to reference a group or an individual.

When writing about a broad audience, please use they or them rather than he/him or she/her.

Phone Numbers

Phone numbers are styled with the area code in parentheses followed by a space, three numbers, a dash, then four numbers:
(111) 111-1111


Clarity is essential. We prioritize making sure our customers clearly understand our content. For tips on writing with accessible and clear language, visit